Thursday, May 16, 2013

I is for Installed!

Praise the Lord! God answered our prayers! Thank you! 

A promise was made and not kept. A down payment of $5,000 was paid. Conflict began and doubt filled our hearts. This issue was having an impact on our attitudes at home making life more stressful. At first, we became frustrated with the whole process. I told my husband, "We need to trust in our Heavenly Father. We need to hand over this stressor or problem to the Lord."

The man installing our countertops ended up being unprofessional and dishonest. He avoided all our calls after getting our down payment and business yet answered calls when we called from a stranger's phone. We have been waiting a looong time for the countertops to be installed so that we can finally get an appraisal and close on the house construction loan. It took us forever to finally choose a countertop color we both liked, but I think it turned out pretty good. We didn't want the room to feel dark or feel confined.

The day has come . . . our countertops were installed TODAY! Yah! They look great! My husband already ordered the appraisal. Our closing date is getting closer thankfully. I should no more hopefully next week. This is my awesome kitchen! Check out the countertops! Appliances are all installed except for the stainless steel mini fridge which we can't purchase just yet. It's hard to see the color, but I was soooo happy I had to share the photos with someone. The trouble is now behind us and we can move on with our plans.

Oh, Give Thanks to the LORD!

Kitchen Facing the Front Door and Living Room
Island with Sink
Gas Cooktop Counters

Bar Countertops
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