Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Surprises

Happy Late Mother's Day! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. I know I did. We traveled to Kerrville to surprise Grandma Mae at the hospital. It was a pleasant visit and she is doing well. Alyssa made her a card and read it to her as soon as we walked in the door. Everyone had the same idea that day so it was like a mini family reunion. I believe Mae was overjoyed. We all hope she'll leave the hospital on Friday and pray that she won't need to go to participate in an assisted living program.

My husband called Alyssa early that morning before we left town. Alyssa disappeared into her closet. I heard mumbling coming from the room, but couldn't make out exactly what she was saying on the phone. They were having a serious conversation. I had a feeling they were discussing Mother's Day gift ideas. We never expect gifts but they are always a tradition if finances allow it to happen. I continued with my morning routine. They called me into Alyssa's bedroom. I was supposed to play a game of hot and cold in order to find the gift, but Jeff was staring at the hiding place. I think he was in a hurry to leave before it got too late. It is a long drive to Kerrville and he had to work the next day at the fire station. I lifted the butterfly pillow and my surprise was revealed.

They purchased a gift card to one of my favorite stores (Half Price Book Store), two boxes of delicious chocolate peanut butter goodies, and a pair of new flip flops. I definitely needed new flip flops! I can't wait to purchase more books for Alyssa's lessons. Those of you that read my recent Random Five on Friday post know how bad the old flip flops looked - they were ready to be thrown away. My husband trashed them as soon as he saw that the new ones fit. Thank you Jeff and Alyssa for such a special Mother's Day! I will try not to eat all the goodies in a week. I have a horrible sweet tooth and absolutely no willpower. I may need to start that exercise program soon at this rate.

Two days before Mother's Day, Alyssa placed a note on my bed stating that she loved me so much she wanted to just yell it out. I told her to go for it! Beside the letter was a princess bear she stuffed for me during her free time. She put PEZ candies inside the envelope. The funniest thing was that she gave me money from her piggy bank ($1.79). She told me that I could use it to buy daddy a Father's Day gift next month. I think I will take her shopping with me so she can get him a little something with it. 

These memories I hold close to my heart. I appreciate the treasures they bless me with and am grateful to have such a sweet daughter and husband. 

How was your Mother's Day? Did you go or do something special that day? What are your family traditions?  

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God bless,

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