Monday, July 22, 2013

Five Weekly Goals: Slowly Making Progress

Howdy everyone! This is my second week participating in the Five Weekly Goals hosted at Our Heart and Home. I did manage to accomplish some of my goals this week. I am making progress and that's really what matters.

What I Accomplished
1.) The bookshelves are finally filling up. I started sorting a few leftover boxes on the floor based on subjects, topics, and authors. However, I do have MORE boxes in storage. I was thrilled to find my collection of Tomie dePaola books when unpacking boxes. I am currently reviewing a Strega Nona Project Pack and Alyssa is reading the author's books in the chair by the window during her free time.

2.) Calendar time is not completely organized yet. Ha! Who am I kidding? It's nowhere near ready! I started hanging pocket charts but was distracted when unpacking math materials. Then, I looked around - saw the clutter in the center of the room and let it get to me. I can't decide how I want to arrange the room. I have a lot more open space here but very little hidden storage. I have been very indecisive lately. Spending too much time moving items around the room. This will be harder than I thought it would be. I can't decide what to get rid of and what to keep.

3.) I mainly worked on writing and editing my Couponing Made Simple review this week. I did start writing my poetry blog hop posts for August, but unfortunately I had to back out at the last minute. I really need to focus on taking care of my husband during his recovery time. I spent some free time yesterday working on reviews that are due at the end of July or the beginning of August including Brainfood Learning, Bible Study Guide For All Ages, Reading Kingdom, and In the Hands of a Child (Strega Nona).

4.) Well, I jotted down a temporary homeschool schedule, but nothing is set in stone yet. I have a lot of fine tuning to do before August is here. I am trying to decide on a starting date. We go on vacation at the beginning of September, so I would like to start new routines and curriculum before we leave (if possible). My hubby recommended waiting until after we got home from the trip since we homeschool year round. She is still working through summer school curriculum.

I did set-up Alyssa's workbox system. She has twelve boxes that are arranged in numerical order. I am looking for the other parts of the system which are still in storage. I started putting particular subjects inside the boxes. This is a first step for me. I still need to decide the "real" order I want to complete subjects and remove items she won't need in the box. I haven't yet dedicated a shelf for teacher manuals. I have in the past kept light teacher manuals inside the box for subjects that we do together or for ones that require a lot of parent supervision or support.

5.) I ordered Alyssa's math curriculum. It should hopefully be here in 2-9 business days. Shipping was expensive! I also extended her online math curriculum subscription another year and purchased her music curriculum. I finally made a decision on which writing curriculum I want to use this year, but I still need to order it. I am looking for back-to-school discounts first. I still haven't ordered her cursive book. We recently reviewed an awesome cursive writing program called PreScripts Words and Drawing. I want to get the first book for this year and take it slow.

Bonus Goals: I unpacked, organized, and cleaned Alyssa's room. She organized her play room which was supposed to be a guest room, but we never have overnight guests. She is in dire need of storage containers. I also did regular chores in addition to my hubby's chores since he is recovering from surgery. Jeffry's work tools are almost all out of the house. They have been stored inside since the day we moved in.

My Five Weekly Goals This Week
1.) Set-up Coupon System
I recently reviewed Couponing Made Simple written by Christi the Coupon Coach. I already have the hanging file system ready to go, but I need to spend time this week labeling my coupon box and accordion file. I also want to be more strategic when shopping so I need to plan better this week. I will print several coupons online using coupon matching websites. We are definitely motivated to save money on groceries. I did notice that this week's paper had a shortage of coupons.

2.) I need to organize the bathroom towels. Right now they are folded in a laundry basket. The cabinets need to be dusted first and towels need to be neatly placed on shelves.

3.) I will hopefully set-up the calendar and spanish learning area this week. I am aiming for progress on this project.

4.) Start working out???? Okay . . . so this year has been a tough one for me. I put on A LOT of weight (30 pounds the last two years - most from this year). I struggle with simple tasks that never used to cause me problems. My ankles and legs hurt. I need to start some kind of work out routine ASAP. Funny thing . . . one of my biggest hobbies used to be working out. My motivation is lacking and my self-esteem is in the dumps. I hope to start out really slow and workout at least twice this week. We'll see. I could use some encouraging words!!!

5.) We need to make our house feel like a home. This week I will focus on hanging family pictures and photos.

Well friends . . . that is my list of five weekly goals for this week. I pray that I have the energy and motivation to complete several of them if not all of the five listed above. Wishing you the best of luck as well.

What goals did you accomplish this week? What are your new goals?

Be sure to visit Our Heart and Home to add your Five Weekly Goals or to provide encouragement to others. The Five Weekly Goals link is not currently updated yet. I will try to remember to update it later. 

God bless, 
Tracey M.

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