Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Five Weekly Goals: Will We Ever Get Organized?

I NEED to get my life organized again. Everyone keeps telling me to take it slow - unpack one box at a time, but when I look around the classroom the overwhelming number of boxes makes me feel completely disorganized and the mess add a little more stress to my life. I need this phase of my life to be over soon hopefully by the end of summer (wishful thinking). My husband invited my in-laws over on Wednesday for dinner and the house is nowhere ready for visitors. UGH!

This is my first week participating in the 5 Weekly Goals hosted at Our Heart and Home. I am hoping that if I set a few simple goals to target, that maybe . . .  just maybe I will accomplish my goals this week. So without further ado here are my five weekly homeschool and classroom goals for this week.

1.) Unpack several book boxes and organize them on the shelves. This will free up more space in the classroom and give Alyssa a clutter-free area to read near the window.

2.) Set up our math calendar time and spanish wall learning area. Alyssa and I are having withdraws and miss completing these activities.

3.) Try to find some free time to work on reviews in advance and start my posts for The Schoolhouse Review Crew's awesome blog hop in August. I have some ideas on paper but have transferred them to the computer. Time online has been limited lately since my husband's surgery.

4.) Create a working homeschool schedule for Alyssa. Start organizing her work boxes which is a huge part of our schedule.

5.) Order my daughter's math and writing curriculum for this year. I guess that means I need to finally decide on which writing curriculum I will use with my daughter before I can actually purchase it. Any suggestions? I am torn between Essentials in Writing and Writeshop.

What are your weekly goals?

Well, that's all folks! Have a wonderful week and I hope you all accomplish at least one or more of your goals this week. I am posting this a day late so I am already behind - wish me luck! Be sure to visit Our Heart and Home to add your Five Weekly Goals or to provide encouragement to others.

God bless, 
Tracey M. 

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments! It certainly does take some time to get settled after a move - we joke that we still haven't unpacked and organized everything from our last move, and it was 12 years ago! LOL Definitely an added challenge when homeschooling too. Good luck with your goals this week!