Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Curricula Series 2013-2014: Music

The discussion today will be about Music and the resources we will use to enrich our studies this year. I know that there is no way that we will complete everything listed below. I skimmed through my files and need to make myself aware of the products I could use this year. 

Music Curricula and Resources
1.) Children's Music Journey Level 2-3

2.) KinderBach Online

Piano Lessons
We are also looking into piano lessons for Alyssa. My friend recommended a talented pianist in the area. Alyssa has a strong interest in learning how to play the piano. I really want her to have the opportunity to learn from another teacher. The teacher's schedule is pretty full so it will depend on the price and whether or not there is a spot available. 

Classical Composers and Instruments Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central

Orchestra Express Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning

Music Theory Express Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning

Supplemental Resources

Music Appreciation

Additional Activities

Other Helpful Resources

Well, that about wraps it up for today! I hope you found some helpful music resources to enrich your homeschool music lessons or class time.

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