Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Five on Friday: August 30th

Well, it's time for my Random Five on Friday post again. Enjoy your visit! Although, I must warn you - It has been quite a boring week for us.

1.) In Our Homeschool This Week . . .
I've been blogging about our curricula choices for this year. You can visit the posts below to check them out!
Alyssa has been doing a lot of online learning the last two weeks including DreamBox Math subscription, A+ Interactive Math, Simple Schooling Classroom, Essential Skills Advantage (Reading and Science), and Samson's Classroom. See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish has been a big hit in our home. We accidentally broke the volume knob on the CD player. We are listening to the lessons at a very loud volume until we find a tool to adjust it.

2.) In My Life This Week . . . 
Last week, I told you that we were having issues with our old computer. My computer screen died and needed to be replaced. Apple was able to repair the screen and upgrade our system to Snow Leopard! Yah! Luckily, I had an external drive where I stored many of my documents, downloads, and photos. I don't think I lost any files. We are finding out that certain programs that didn't previously work on the old computer are actually working with the upgrade now. Yippeeee!

3.) More About Our Life This Week . . . 
We have a MAJOR ant problem in the NEW house! It doesn't matter what we do, they still keep getting inside. Any suggestions for natural ant killers? Several weeks ago, I reached my hand inside a box of cereal (OH's) and it was completely full of fire ants. Luckily, I ended up with only one bite on my wrist. I threw the bag across the room and it thankfully landed in the sink. I was "the dummy" who put the cereal box on the floor instead of on a shelf. The ants have been in the house since the first day we moved in the new house.

The sulfur smell of our water is getting worse. My husband wants to get a water filtration system in the house. It is supposed to get rid of the smell and provide us with better drinking and cooking water. Replacing the anodes only  worked temporarily.

4.) Our Favorite Things This Week  . . . 
My Motivated Mom app is STILL definitely high up on the list, because it is helping me check off my household duties. Alyssa's favorite thing this week is her See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish curriculum.

5.) What We're Cooking  . . . 
The other night, I pulled out my trusty Simplified Dinners cookbook by Simplified Pantry. We made creamy chicken taquitos using leftover grilled chicken. Can I just say I LOVE this new recipe! The night before my hubby grilled chicken with cream cheese, bacon, and jalapenos rolled up inside. We weren't in the mood for leftovers and we were craving something new and different. I was jumping for joy when I found the creamy chicken taquitos recipe. Since it was a spur of the moment decision - I do not have any photos to share with you. Basically, I cooked our tortillas. Then, I mixed more cream cheese, Colby jack cheese, lime, and taco seasoning together. We didn't add the jalapenos, because there were already a few inside the chicken. I scooped some mixture into the tortilla and added chopped chicken pieces to each one. I baked them and served them with salsa and chips. OH SO GOOD! I will try to take a photo next time we make this recipe.

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  1. We had ants when we moved into our current house. I found that cinnamon worked to block the ants. We also sealed the cracks because we could find where they were coming in. I saw how the ants avoided crossing the cinnamon that I had sprinkled on the counter.

    I need to check out Motivated Moms again. I wonder if it would help me in terms of delegating some of the little things that need to be done around here.