Monday, September 2, 2013

Curricula Series 2013-2014: Physical Education

Physical Education
Core Curricula
Family Time Fitness Fitness 4 Homeschool
We will use mainly the Core 1 program with the first set of workbooks this year. Next year, we will use the Core 2 program and the workbooks meant for older children.
  • Core 1
  • K-1st Volume 1-4 Workbooks
  • Basketball Module
We were blessed to win this package recently through a huge giveaway hosted by Educents. Our computer system has been upgraded so I believe we will be able to watch the video demonstrations now. We tried in the past without any luck.

Homeschooling P.E. for the P.E. Challenged Mom - Researching and Different Sports

Dance (1x per week)
We will most likely start classes mid-September.

Supplemental Resources
Adventures to Fitness - Alyssa won the Colonial Chaos DVD.

Obstacle Courses and Exercise Routines Using the Following Books:

  • Learning in Motion: Teaching Language Arts and Math Through Movement Grade K and Grade 1

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