Sunday, November 3, 2013

D is for Daddy-Daughter Date

Are you looking for a daddy-daughter date idea? 

Let me share with you my family's recent adventure. Jeff and Alyssa headed to Home Depot in New Braunfels for a workshop day this Saturday. It was their first time ever attending one of these activities. The project for the day was to create a ship. Alyssa said that her ship was a pirate girl ship which doesn't surprise me since that is her birthday theme this year. They had loads of fun as you can see from the photographs below!

First, they assembled the wooden pieces to create most of the ship. She said that she accidentally hammered Jeff's fingers, but luckily there was no damage. Then, my daughter painted it using an assortment of colors and patterns. She also painted the sails so that her father could connect them to the ship.

The best thing about it was that the event was FREE and it didn't take ALL day. Check your local Home Depot store to see if they have these events scheduled on Saturday. It could be a great way for your husband and daughter(s) to spend quality time together. Furthermore, it's the perfect solution for a homeschool mother or . . . any mom for that matter to have a little free time or break.

Alyssa received a certificate and a pin for attendance. I attached her pin to the child's apron. What a wonderful way to remember all of her workshop projects that she did with her father for the entire year.

I wanted to add more workshop and art projects to her homeschool curricula. This activity was a neat way to accomplish my goal while giving Alyssa more time with her father. I am grateful for the time that Jeff and Alyssa have with each other. I am blessed to have a father so involved in my daughter's life. He is an amazing father who gives her his undivided attention. I think it is very important for fathers to be involved in the lives of their children. I want her to have daddy-daughter dates which is something I longed to have as a child. The skills that he teaches her are ones that I can't do successfully without many, many embarrassing moments or flops.

Thank you Jeffry for being a great father to our daughter! 

I LOVE the Final Project!
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