Monday, November 4, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal: November 1st

In Our Homeschool . . . 
We have been using IXL's brand new Language Arts program in addition to their Math program. Alyssa used the program when she was in preschool. I was surprised that she actually remembered certain features of the program. She especially likes the thematic award boards and virtual prizes. You can read my review for IXL by clicking on the link if interested.

We are also reviewing Homeschool Legacy's Christmas Comes to America unit study. This a very relaxed unit study and even though it isn't Christmas yet, my daughter is enjoying the activities. We are reading numerous Christmas books and we are already listening to Christmas music. This review will post November 18th.

We are slowly working our way through the newly released Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics book and junior note booking journal. I created several new lists and added her science vocabulary words to VocabularySpellingCity which helped her learn the meaning and spelling of her new terms. It's amazing how much children can learn with the right tools. You can read my VocabularySpellingCity review by clicking on the link provided. There are MANY FREE activities that you can use for spelling. It is definitely worth checking out if you haven't tried it before. I want to share experiment photos, but that would ruin the review.

Alyssa passed a couple math and reading tests with flying colors. Her lessons are too easy so far, but she is not complaining or getting bored. Her online programs continue to provide more challenging content.

She received a pen pal letter from the little girl named Claire that she met on our camping trip. We reviewed how to write a friendly letter and how to address an envelope. She wrote Claire a four page letter! She hopes to hear back from her real soon!
Glad she made a friend

We LOVE reading our God's World News Magazine - we use it almost every day! I look forward to receiving our next issue which should be here soon. Here's my review. I included ways we used the magazine as part of our homeschool curricula too.

Alyssa's piano lessons are wonderful! I secretly recorded part of their practice session, but I can't seem to upload to my blog. She started learning how to play songs on the white keys. She practices several old songs in addition to her new song, "Jingle Bells" at least 20 minutes a day.

In Our Life . . . 
The water filtration system is not helping with the sulphur smell. We asked our friends to take it back to Houston with them so we can return it. I hope we find a solution to this stinky problem soon.

We are busily preparing for Alyssa's birthday party which is right around the corner. Unfortunately, we are still hand delivering the invites. This year's theme is Pirate Girl! As soon as ALL invites are sent, I will make the goody bags for the kiddos. We bought a few simple pink, black, and white decorations. I can't believe it will all happen next weekend!!!!

Places We're Going and People We Saw . . . 
Jeff and Alyssa went on a fun daddy-daughter date. You can read about their artsy activity by clicking on the link.

We have been reading the book titled, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." We took a field trip to The Magik Theatre in San Antonio. This was BY FAR one of our favorite shows this year. Actually, my hubby keeps saying it was the BEST! I agree! I can't wait to see the next show - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The stage scenery started very simple as seen in the photos, but then captured our imagination. I wasn't allowed to take photographs during the show so I won't be able to share the beautiful props and outstanding scenes from the rest of the show. Watch this You Tube video to see a few scenes!

A Few Related Homeschool Resources
My Random Five This Week
Five Golden Ticket Winners We Met
ONE - Charlie Bucket and Grandpa Joe

TWO - Mike Teevee and Mrs. Teevee (One of Alyssa's Favorite Actresses)

THREE - Veruca and Mr. Salt

FOUR - Violet and Mrs. Beauregarde

Another Favorite Actress
FIVE - Augustus
I just realized I didn't photograph Augustus. The following photo was available on Facebook.

Check out the You Tube video showing the characters of the show. Augustus is the first child to be interviewed.

Other Cool Characters
Willy Wonka and Charlie
Oompa Loompas
Grandpa Joe and Charlie's Mom
The First Scene

Stage Pose
Alyssa isn't camera shy like her mama, but we both LOVE chocolate! 
Yummy! Wonka Bars!
Golden Tickets Hidden in Wonka Bars
Autograph Time!
What We're Cooking . . . 
I made pumpkin spice pancakes with nutella syrup for breakfast one day this week. And . . . I wonder why I keep gaining weight!!!! I also made Taco Soup and Italian Soup for dinner.

What We're Reading . . . 
I will share just a few of the books Alyssa read. We read too many to list here.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
My Father's Dragon - Third Story
American Girl: Sage
Princess Cookbook

90 Devotions for Kids
God's Little Princess Devotional Bible
Bible for Kids

Books about the States of Matter, Magnets, and More
LOTS and LOTS of Christmas Books
Two Great Ones
I'm Grateful For . . . 
Counting My Blessings
  • I am super grateful for all of God's amazing and abundant blessings, my faith, my walk with God, and the Word of the Lord. I am grateful for His everlasting love.  
  • I am grateful for the air that we breathe and the clean water we have to drink.
  • I am grateful for how hard my hubby works to support our family.
  • I am grateful for my true friends who are always there to pick me up. I am also grateful for the children my daughter has as friends. 
  • I am grateful for the surprise birthday dinner from my friends Pam and Andrea.
  • I am grateful for the wisdom and knowledge our Almighty Father has given my family. 
  • I am grateful for the time we have together as a family.
  • I am grateful for smooth party planning.
  • I am grateful for the food placed on our table.
  • I am grateful for the home we live in and the warmth and safety it provides us.
I'm Praying For . . .
  • I am praying for my godmother and that she recovers quickly. I pray that she gets relief from the painful headaches and that no serious injuries will come from the fall she took. I am praying that the doctors can provide her with the correct medicine needed. 
  • I am praying that I can make the right decisions for my family. 
  • I am praying for Alyssa and that I am making the right curriculum choices.
  • I am praying for the children around the world that have no food or clean water.
  • All of the firefighters, police officers, and teachers this week.
  • I am praying for a stronger family relationship with extended family members.
  • I am praying for my marriage.
I will link this up at Random Five on Friday and Homeschool Mother's Journal. Thank you for visiting A Learning Journey. I hope to hear from you again soon.
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