Thursday, May 14, 2015

Virtual Refrigerator: Pillowcase American Flag Art

We created a flag pillowcase as one of our fun art projects in our Homeschool Legacy Revolutionary Ideas Unit study. This flag art project was completed throughout the week over several days. We read several books about the American flag and its changes over the years. The 13 stars represented the 13 original colonies.

Supplies Needed
  1. White Pillowcase
  2. Red, White, and Blue Acrylic Paint
  3. Meter or Yard Stick
  4. Pencil
  5. Large, Flat Paintbrush
  6. Star Template
  7. Thirteen Wooden Star Placers
     Star Stamp Optional Supplies
  • Glue Dot 
  • Dowel Stick
  • Wooden Star
First, Alyssa and I used the yard stick to draw 13 stripes and a blue rectangle in the corner. Alyssa painted the blue rectangle in the left-hand corner first and let it dry completely (upside-down in the photo). Then, she painted the red stripes over a two-day time period. We didn't paint the white stripes because the pillowcase was white.

I placed a glue dot at the end of a dowel and wooden star to create a star stamp. This tool was used to stamp or paint the white stars on the flag. Thirteen wooden stars were used as placers. Alyssa organized the wooden stars in a circle in the center of the blue rectangular field. She took one star off at a time as she stamped the white painted stars. This helped her evenly space out the stars on her flag.

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  1. Wow - great project!! It turned out beautifully! Thanks for linking it to the Virtual Fridge! (We did that same unit study about 3 years ago and I don't remember doing this at all!)