Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break and Easter Vacation 2016

Alyssa was sick during her Spring Break. She didn't really get to do much. She slept a lot and dealt with her symptoms with a good spirited heart. Thankfully, her Aunt Sammie and Uncle Hans were in Texas to help me cheer her up. Poor thing was suffering from allergy and asthma issues. She also had a slight earache and a small case of pneumonia. She had fevers throughout the entire week. It scared me to death, but finally she recovered shortly after her doctor's visit. She did NOT want me to take a picture of her while being sick. She'll probably be upset that I posted this photo so shhhhhhhhh!!!!! Don't tell.  

My daughter was with her father Easter weekend, but we still celebrated that night when she got home around 6pm. :) We squeezed in as much as we possibly could before she went to bed. We did our Christian Easter traditions before she left.

This is our first year living in this house and boyeeee is it cluttered right now. I had a difficult time finding a place to hide her basket. Every nook and cranny has something stored in it. I eventually found room to hide it in the hallway closet. We played the "Hot and Cold" game while she searched for her basket. She looks like a happy camper!

She's been asking for a Hoover Ball for months now. I couldn't find a purple one, but pink was the next best color for my baby girl. She LOVES this thing! However, I think it should be called the Glider Ball. It doesn't really hoover; it glides across the tile and carpeted floors. She used this ball during her school breaks this week and in the evenings. It definitely got her up and moving more. :)
Indoor Hoover Ball

I usually fill her Easter basket with a new outfit and several Christian-related gifts. This year it was a mixture of secular and Christian items due to last minute planning. I wanted her to have a few gifts that would keep her active during the day. I also wanted quiet time items such as a book, a Bible devotional, Beado crafts, and a movie. I picked out her favorite candy and bought her a new Spring dress. She received two Disney Descendent gifts that brought a huge smile to her face. This girl is a fan of the movie and music. I was going to give her them at Christmas, but I just couldn't wait! It was worth it!   
Basket Goodies
Spring Twirly Dress
We also did two indoor egg hunts this year! The eggs were filled with change and candy (mostly chocolate and jellybeans).

Well, I hope you all had a Happy Easter and Spring Break. Thank you for visiting A Learning Journey! 

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