Friday, April 22, 2016

X is for X-Cited: Surprise Packages!

My daughter was super eXcited the other day when two packages arrived in her name. She received a response letter from Sea World. Last month she wrote a letter to them as part of her Mr. Popper's Penguins Third Grade Literature Guide from Memoria Press. She asked a zillion penguin questions.

Bob Flores, the Aviculture Supervisior of Zoological Operations, responded back with a three-page detailed letter answering all her questions and more. She read the letter to me as we drove to piano class. I am so thankful for the dedicated employees at Sea World. We were hoping she would hear back from them and she was absolutely thrilled when she did!
Penguin Letter
She also received a package from Utah State University. They sent her four cotton bolls for our slavery unit so that Alyssa can experience first hand what it was like to tend to the cotton on the plantation farms. It will be a super cool addition to our unit study!
Cotton Bolls

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