Thursday, May 4, 2017

P is for Panda Bear Art Project

It's time for my "Letter P" post for Blogging Through the Alphabet linky. I decided to showcase Alyssa's Panda Bear Art project. The project came from Creating a Masterpiece.

This was her least favorite project, but she loved the feel Velour paper. I think it is cute! She didn't like the way her Panda Bear came out. I love that this particular program encourages the use of different mediums and papers. The results always seem more professional.

Check out a few of the project steps below. Enjoy your visit!
Watch Video Presentation While Drawing Panda
Drawing Panda Bear Inside a Triangle Shape 
Tracing Over on to Velour Paper
Trace Indented Lines Using White Oil Pastel
onto Black Velour Paper
Coloring Panda Head White
Adding More Color
Final Panda Bear Art Project
Using Oil Pastels on Velour Paper
I will link this post up at The Virtual Refrigerator Blog Hop. I will also link this post up at Blogging through the Alphabet. This week the focus is on Letter O. Check out all the neat posts!


  1. It turned out very nice! That's one my daughter wanted to do but hasn't got to it yet. We're fascinated by the velour paper as well. Thanks for sharing on the Virtual Fridge!

  2. that didn't turn out half bad!