Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bat Echolocation Song

We are working through our bat unit at a much slower pace than intended in the Apologia book, but the pace has slowed down intentionally based on my daughter's interest in the subject. Her attention is captured yet again by one of God's amazing creatures. She was at first infatuated with birds of all types ... with an intense focus on owls and eagles. Her infatuation shifted to this topic immediately after I changed our theme or unit to the world of bats. We dived in the bat unit head first and we keep digging in further and further exploring concepts for more detailed information. This week we also discussed echolocation. You can read my post about bat anatomy here.

The other day I asked Alyssa to explain the term echolocation. She completely shocked me with her explanation of the term using a plastic bat prop and a fake bug. I guess she was paying close attention to my description, the books we read, and the videos we viewed!

I would like to tell you about the following upbeat, educational song I found that was perfect for our bat unit! Have you heard the echolocation song from JumpStart yet? Alyssa requests this song several times throughout the week. We both jump up and start "flying around" or dancing to the beat.

So here it is ... the Echolocation Song found on You Tube and uploaded by JumpStart. Enjoy!!!

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