Friday, January 4, 2013

My One ... Single Word for 2013

The year 2012 is now part of the past ... click here to take a look back at our 2012 year. I just realized that a few of my favorite house photos in that post are not showing up, so I will have to figure out what happened to them. The year 2013 has begun and many of us are gearing up for the new year with hopes, dreams, and goals. Have you written out your resolutions or goals for this year or have you decided against them?

You have probably heard the buzz about the one word theme for the year or One Word 365. If you haven't let me sum it up for you. Michael W. Ashcraft decided that he would choose one word as a guiding principle throughout the new year. You can view a video of him discussing this concept at My One Word. He even has a tutorial on his blog for picking and posting your word. I haven't tried it yet. Well, that's what it is all about ... choosing one word that will guide your actions and thoughts for the new year.

So I got to thinking ... one word? Could an indecisive and wordy person like myself possibly pick just ONE word? The answer was YES! ABSOLUTELY! This was especially true after I read a blog post telling me not to put too much time into thinking about the word - to just pray and let God lead me to my chosen word. I just had to listen to Him.

I have prayed for days about my word. I keep coming back to the same word no matter what I see, hear, and do. I have been writing my New Year's resolutions and specific goals for this year. However, as I write out my goals one word speaks out to me. As I listen to music ... the same word screams at me. Everything I read lately in the Bible, in books, or on the Internet tells me deep down inside I know what MY one word should be for this year.

My ONE word for 2013 is CHANGE. This one word will guide me throughout the year. I would like to see a change in my personal behavior and attitude. I can see already that God is working on my heart. I am hopeful that I will see both inward and outward changes taken place in my spiritual, mental, and physical being. This one word also stands out to me when I think about my family. We are in dire need of making some positive changes. I have faith and trust in God that he will give me the knowledge and strength needed during this time of change. I believe that He will change what needs to be changed. This sums up my desires and who I want to be. I want and need to be a changed person.

I will focus on seven main areas in my life that I feel need some kind of drastic change this year. Each area encompasses many different dimensions and it would take too much time to explain them further in this post.
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Household
  • Relationships
  • Homeschool
  • Blog
  • Church
We never know what the future holds or what plans God has in store for us so I place this word in His hands. I am sure He'll find other areas where change may or may not be necessary. I pray and hope for CHANGE in all areas of my life even if it is a small yet noticeable change. I looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us this year.  

Just For Your Information
I did look up the translations for my word in different languages, because I thought about posting my word in Latin or Greek. The Greek word that I found online for Change is "METAMORPHOO" which means to be transformed. I found several words that meant "change" in Latin but "MUTANIO" was the word that caught my attention. All of these words sound unique and deep, but I figured it would be best to stick with the common word CHANGE.

What's your one word for 2013? Please share in the comments. 

I will link this post up at Marcy's Ben and Me blog cruise. Click the button below or the included blog link to read about what words were chosen by others for 2013. 

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