Monday, January 7, 2013

Have you poured concrete yet?

My family and friends ask quite often about the progress of our house so I figured I would post photos to share with them. This will also be a great way for my husband and I to look back at all the progress and blessings. In fact, the post title was the most commonly asked question because it took so long to get things going with the bank. I will let the photos do the talking and answer the question.

I plan to post updated information as my husband works diligently with different subcontractors and their crews. His father is our main contractor and they have been building houses together for years. Although, my husband's first job is to serve as firefighter - he works late on our house during his free time and days off. He comes home absolutely exhausted. We are aiming for the house to be built between April and June. They built the last house in four months but there were several nights he worked into the wee hours. We got off to a slow start so that won't be happening this time around.

Have you seen the photos of our last house - the one that we sold this year? You can see the photographs from that house at my 2012 Look Back post - check under the month of June. Several photos were not working properly at first - all photos are fixed now so head on over if you are interested. Today's post will include a selection of photos from the very beginning. I will end the post with updated photos as of January 5th. I know that a bigger crew is working with my husband tomorrow. I can't wait to see the progress photos!

We finally signed the paperwork for the construction loan the day of Alyssa's birthday party. Jeff started clearing the land immediately after the paperwork was signed. We had a slow beginning afterwards because construction began close to the holidays and vacation times for many of the workers. 
Clearing the Land for the House

End of November
 Bagging for Concrete or Foundation Begins

Beginning of December
Bagging Continues

Bagging on the Right is the Back Porch
Far Right Back Corner is Master Bedroom
I am thankful for this friendly, hardworking crew. 
Roughing in Plumbing and Finishing Up Bagging Project
Tying Rebar
Pump Truck
Pouring Concrete
Concrete Poured and Keeping the Foundation Wet

I am REALLY getting excited now! I am a visual person so the photos are helping me see the big picture.
End of December
Framing Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Closets 
Different Angle
Additional Bedroom 
Look to the Left Behind the Tree ... Do you see more concrete?
It's our gift from Jeff. It will be our new classroom. Secretly, he probably wants all school stuff in one area.
Hee Hee! Works for me!
First Week of January 
Roof Rafters: Side Entrance Near Laundry Room
Hubby realized we needed one more window so he'll add another one to the front side of house. 
Framing the Windows and Door Leading to Back Yard
Game Room Added with Two Doors
Front of the House: Ceiling Joist for Living Room with Roof Rafters on the Left
Two Bedrooms Facing the Front Yard with a Bathroom in Between
My father-in-law has a good reputation and long standing friendship with the employees at McCoys. They like him so much so that they left him a message when they delivered materials to our property.

Well ... now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve are over - I am sure we'll see more progress in the upcoming weeks at a faster rate. I hope to actually see the house on Wednesday afternoon provided that Alyssa and I are not still sick. Alyssa is going to freak! We haven't seen the house in awhile so we are most definitely due for a visit. The last time we saw it ... the concrete wasn't even poured. I can't wait to show her the location of her new bedroom and the classroom.


  1. AWESOME progress!!! How many square feet is it going to be? I could try and count all the boards and divide it by 20% then add 16 to figure it out myself? LOL

  2. How fun to see the process! Thanks for sharing. We pray to be able to build our own house one day with the military is done with us. ;). Looking forward to following your progress!