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Joy Dares: Playing Catch-Up

I recently announced that I am participating in Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare Challenge this year. Are you also participating? Would you like to join me? It is already a bit of a challenge for me because I am behind with posting on my blog as you can tell, but at least my real journal is updated. If you are looking for a way change your attitude and experience gratitude, please take the time to check out my post and visit her blog.

You can read my first Joy Dare post here. I will find joy in every day! The idea is to write three gifts or blessings every day in your One Thousand Gifts journal.

January 2nd: Outside, Inside, On a Plate
The old trusty vehicle is another blessing in our life. It may not be a flashy new vehicle but it serves its purpose of family travel and provides transportation to work. If it weren't for our vehicles we wouldn't see our friends as often as we do, my husband wouldn't get to work safely, my daughter wouldn't make it to the doctor's office when sick, and we would have to find another way to get groceries. We would have to walk, hitch a ride, or ride a bike.

The ripe bananas on the counter are a blessing to those of us that enjoy baking. Who doesn't love using ripe bananas for making sweet moist banana bread? My husband also makes his fluffy delicious banana muffins with them.

On a Plate
Alyssa and I sat at the kitchen table the other day. She did a great job listing her gifts for the day. I love hearing and reading what she considers gifts or blessings. Her gift on a plate was stuffing. That's right Thanksgiving stuffing. I thought she was going to choose something on her plate from that day but she didn't.

I am thankful for the crisp green snap peas my daughter can eat for lunch. I am grateful that I can feed her healthy vegetables as part of every meal.

January 3rd: Three Graces Overheard
This one was a tough one for me - I was stumped. There are so many ways to to define grace and many aspects of it. I honestly wasn't sure how to approach this prompt. I took the time to research the word "grace" on the Internet. I even asked my father-in-law his thoughts on the subject before responding in my journal. I am still not sure I responded properly, but what I do know is that I am growing closer to God the more I read. It is also difficult to overhear others if you are trapped at home sick.

“Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.” (Colossians 4:6 New American Standard Bible)

First Grace Overheard
A family conversation discussing our one word for the year. I was telling them about my one word and how I listened to what God wanted for me in order to make a final decision. I told that the one word would be my guiding principal this year. They both automatically chose their own word without hesitation. My five-year-old daughter chose the word OBEDIENCE. My husband chose the word BLESSED. I chose the word CHANGE. I have a feeling this year is going to be extraordinary for us. The family participated without complaining or disputing. I didn't even have to encourage them. We were kind and loving towards one another. We agreed to help each another in reaching our goals.

Second Grace Overheard
My daughter asking me what "grace" meant and describing it to me in her own words. She is also participating in the Joy Dare journaling challenge. I hope I did a good job explaining it to her after all of my research. If this one doesn't count ... we had a great discussion during Bible study time about good character traits and how we should act in a way that would please God.

Third Grace Overheard
I haven't been sleeping well lately but that is NO excuse for raising my voice when speaking to my daughter. I wasn't very patient today. I later apologized to my daughter and had a conversation with her about the situation. I prayed to our Almighty Father asking for forgiveness and patience. I am thankful that I have a forgiving God and daughter.

January 4th: One Gift Old, Blue, and New
One Gift Old 
My parents gave me a hope chest for Christmas one year - I believe I was in middle or high school. It currently stores high school and college belongings and memories. I remember how excited my mom was when she gave it to me that snowy Christmas afternoon. I knew it was expensive and most likely costed them a small fortune. This was a gift from the heart - it wasn't on any wish list. It meant a lot to me and still does. I hope my mother knows how I feel. I brought the chest with me to the apartment because I didn't want it to get ruined in storage. It has a few scratches from many moves including one from New York to Texas, but I think I kept it in pretty good shape. 

One Gift Blue 
My abandoned blue workout mat sits awaiting my company in the lonely corner. It used to provide my back comfort during my intensive workouts. Working out is much easier when you have a mat underneath you for support, comfort, and warmth from the cold tile floors. I REALLY need to start working out again! 

One Gift New 
Alyssa received a Kindle Fire HD for her fifth birthday. It is a wonderful homeschool tool that we both use to read many free e-books. We recently found a free app called "Remember Me Bible Verse Memory" and we use it to help us memorize our scripture verses for the week. It was a little difficult to figure out since there were not any directions or tutorials on how to work it. We are learning something new each day we use it. We are using it as an additional tool to learn the Word by heart. In the photo below she is reading a book about dolphins. I love that we can always find something interesting for her to read using the Kindle.

January 5th: Something You Are Reading, Making, and Seeing
Something You're Reading
I am reading my Bible right now. I am studying and discussing scripture verses with my daughter for our 100 Bible Verses Memorized in 2013 Challenge.

Something You're Making
I made three ingredient peanut butter cookies today. Well, five ingredients ... I adjusted the recipe so that the cookies wouldn't fall apart so easily. TASTY! Oh man ... I forgot to take a picture and we ate all of the cookies.

Something You're Seeing
I see my computer screen with about a bazillion posts in draft format. I so wish I could just write and post my ideas. I usually have lots of fun homeschool ideas for posts, but I can't always limit what I want to say in one post or I run out of time so many are left unwritten. It takes me a long time to write and edit my posts. Sometimes I wish I were more of a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of gal when it comes to blog posts. But, I just can't do it. I am thankful that I have a working computer that enables me to communicate with so many others. The computer has blessed our homeschool day and life in many ways. It has brought me closer to family and given me the  chance to share ideas with homeschooling families.

January 6th: One Thing in Your Bag, Fridge, and Heart
One Thing in My Bag
I have a junk bag that I carry with me everywhere. I won't be photographing it because it is a mess! But, it is my disorganized mess. I carry everything I could possibly need that day in the bag. One thing inside it is my wallet which carries old photos of my daughter at a very young age. These old photographs always evoke so many good memories and stories.

One Thing in Our Fridge
We have a huge bag of chicken fajita currently thawing out for tomorrow's dinner. We are hoping to make chicken fajita salad. I think I am drooling! I am extremely grateful that I have a fridge full of healthy foods. I see that God is providing for our family.  

One Thing in my Heart
I have so many feelings bunched up in my heart but what I feel most of all is my love for God and my family.

January 7th: Three Graces from People You Love

Grace is God giving us what we don't deserve. 

First Grace
My husband cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. He has done this many times in the past. I am grateful that I have a loving, helpful husband especially when I am not feeling 100%. The love from my family is a grace God gave to me.

Second Grace
My daughter apologized for her disobedient behavior and I immediately forgave her without strings attached.

Third Grace
I received a text one day from a family member acknowledging and appreciating the fact that I try hard to be a loving and kind person to other family members even though they have gossiped and haven't treated me well in the past. This was an unexpected and very surprising text!

Fourth Grace (So ... I wrote an extra one for the day)
I am thankful for my friends that accept me regardless of my flaws or the mistakes I have made in the past. Thank you for always being there for me in my time of need. I appreciate the friends in my life who are genuinely interested in what I have to say. I can tell by their body language that they truly care and listen to every word.

If you are just now joining, I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment so I can stop by your blog. It is NEVER too late to join and acknowledge your blessings in life - to live life to its fullest with abundant joy. 

Remember to stop by Ann's blog, A Holy Experience, to find the Joy Dare Challenge for today.

I will have to write up the rest of my posts later as I am not feeling well and I am a bit tired. I guess I caught my daughter's sickness. I edited this post late last night and I noticed that none of my changes were saved when I came to add all of the photos. I can't remember everything I edited so hopefully this all makes sense. Seriously - what happened? I know that I pressed the save button. 

God bless,

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