Saturday, August 3, 2013

First Day - August 2013

One of my fellow crew members has a First Day linky where you post a collection of photos from the first day of  each month. You can read more about it here. This gives you the opportunity to look back at your virtual scrapbook for the year on a monthly basis. I decided that I would participate this month.

I am posting this late, because several of the photos were on my hubby's camera. I wish he had taken more shots when they were out and about that night. Here's a peek into just one of our days. This is definitely not our normal routine. I noticed we had a lot of technological learning happening. I also didn't take photos of everything!

I Need My Coffee.
Woke Up Teasing Her Father
A Little Bird Watching Together
(I love cardinals!)
Several Cardinal Couples Visit Our Bird Feeder.
Accountable Kids Responsibility Board
(This is working wonders for us again.)
Starting Chores
Making Bed
Dressed and Room Clean
Brushing Teeth
(She can't help it - she's a poser)
Breakfast: Fruit Yogurt Smoothie
Running to School
(She does this every single day.)
Reading Chapter Books By the Window
Reading Kingdom
(Review Posting This Month)
Wanted To Do DreamBox Math
Posing (Again) During her Bible Lesson
We won an Adventure to Fitness DVD!
Work It Girl!
Fast Mode!
Ticket Reward: Coloring App

Jeffry and Alyssa disappeared for several hours to attend our friend's birthday party while I stayed home with a migraine and a cramped neck. Apparently, I pinched a nerve at some point this week. I couldn't move my head to either side so I sat myself in front of the computer to attend a Facebook party and work on reviews while they were gone. The pain has been off and on all week with the same symptoms. I may have to schedule a doctor's visit if it doesn't change soon. Happy birthday Lacey - sorry I missed it!  
Lacey and Alyssa at Mamacitas
Jeff and Alyssa came home late that evening. We decided to snuggle on the couch to watch a movie even though we should have all gone to bed. Of course . . . I forgot to take photos of us watching the movie because I was trying to relax and spend quality time with my family. I also didn't take pictures of her evening chores or bedtime routine. It looks the same as morning except we have story time. 

I will link this post up at Nicole's First Day Link-Up on her Journey to Josie blog. Your turn! Snap a few photographs and link up your post. Join us and visit others to see how their first day went. 

God bless, 


  1. I love to peek into other people's days, even if they don't really show the normal routine. It looks like our girls are using a lot of the same materials. I may need to look at the Accountable Kids materials to see if they'd work for us.

  2. Love the pictures of the cardinals - they are one of my favorites too. And i also NEED my coffee in the morning. Almost all my First Day posts include at least one coffee picture. LOL