Monday, August 5, 2013

Five Weekly Goals: More Decluttering and Organizing

One of these days I will get my act together and post on a weekly basis. Posting is actually helping me with accountability. I am participating in the Five Weekly Goals linky hosted at Our Heart and Home. Let's start off with seeing what I accomplished last week.

What I Accomplished:

1.) The coupon system is completely set-up and organized. I actually accomplished this goal a long time ago, but I am just now getting to post about it. You can read my review for Christi the Coupon Coach's book titled Couponing Made Simple if interested. 
Card Box
Sorting Coupons by Goods
Accordion File
Favorite Stores
Use and File Tabs
Coupon Printer Installed
Printed Extra Coupons
2.) The towels are finally placed on dusted shelves, but I can honestly say I do not like how it looks. This is in our master closet. I will have to decide how I will eventually organize them. Where are all my towels? I guess I have more laundry to do.

3.) Our poor Calendar Math and Spanish Learning Area was neglected yet again. I keep getting distracted by the number of boxes crowding the school room. Even though the learning area is not yet organized (partly because items are still in storage), I did manage to unpack several of our math boxes. I realized that I am missing several math manipulative tubs. I still have a lot more to organize in this area! UGH!

4.) Now . . . for the tough topic. Working out! I am not going to lie - I haven't started working out at all. Nope - nothing! We found out that our television died during the move. We were given one from Jeff's parents, but he can't life anything yet and I can't lift it either so we are waiting until after his recovery. I am getting more motivated, especially since I can no longer fit in ANY of my clothes including the larger sized jeans I stored after losing 22 pounds (which is ALL back). YIKES! I am patiently waiting on the television for the workout room so that I can use my aerobic DVD's and VHS workout videos again. Yes, I am a little old school! However, the workout programs I use are not all old school. I miss working out! I need to do it soon! Before I can even attempt this task, I must break down the empty boxes that are stored in that room and move some large workout equipment. Do you see the machine hiding behind the boxes? It is in the way. The large ladder in the right corner of the photo must also be removed from the room.

5.) We did hang up several pictures in the house. All three pictures have been hung in Alyssa's room. We still have a couple boxes containing family photos to unpack. We also hung a picture by the entrance and in our bathroom.
Alyssa's Room
Dining Room

Five New Weekly Goals

1.) I have way too many passwords to track. I can't remember them all. I need to get this pile organized. I started out writing them on post-its sticking them on the computer. Then, I decided to stick them inside a mini spiral notebook. The sticky adhesive is wearing off and I need a new system. The spiral has doodled notes everywhere. I don't trust online password systems (at least not at this point in my life). I found a Rolodex password organizer idea on Pinterest. I didn't want to pay the price for the Rolodex so I grabbed a 3x5 card file box on sale during back-to-school sales. Don't forget to use those coupons! If I only accomplish one goal this week, then it needs to be this one! I wanted to share the photo but I didn't want to reveal my passwords. It's a mess! 

2.) I need to start organizing the spelling and writing area of the schoolroom. I noticed that I have many junk boxes that were thrown together at the last minute in that area. I hope to go through and purge items from at least three boxes. We did get the spelling board and word work storage containers on the shelf. I am trying not to get overwhelmed. We are slowly seeing the floor. We were able to mop the library or reading area, but this side obviously needs a good mopping soon. 

3.) The storage shed is still stuffed. After Jeffry's surgery, moving and unpacking boxes stopped. I need to figure out exactly what I have left in the shed that needs to be moved immediately to the house or schoolroom. I hope to make a list of what I can see in the front and work my way to the back eventually. I tried to photograph the inside of the 30x30 shed, but I realized we never put in lights. It is too dark to photograph. It'll be fun sorting things out. 

4.) I will finish my Bible Study Guide For All Ages review either tonight or tomorrow tonight so that I can edit and work on the other reviews due soon. I will also start typing curriculum choices by subject on my blog. This always helps me start on time, keeps my thoughts organized, and helps me remember resources I want to use during the year. I love reading about other people's curriculum choices as well so I hope to have a little time to explore the blogs linked up at The Fifth Annual Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop at iHomeschool Network. We probably won't start the new year until the end of August or beginning of September with new fall curriculum. We school year-round, but the curricula and schedule is different. The summer curriculum and pace is more relaxed. We have a lot of organizing to do before I feel ready to start full force.

5.) I need to have a mother-daughter date with Alyssa this week. My husband has spent a lot of time with her lately especially since he is home recovering. My time with her has been limited to mainly school time. I plan to carve out a day (hopefully Wednesday) to spend a little one-on-one quality time together. No School! She wants to go book shopping and to the pet store. I would like to also take her to lunch and for a movie if possible. We'll see.

My five weekly goals for this week have been posted. Hopefully, I get something done besides reviews and blog posts. Good luck with all of your goals!

What goals did you accomplish this week? What are your new goals?

Be sure to visit Our Heart and Home to add your Five Weekly Goals or to provide encouragement to others. I will also link up at Money Saving Mom.

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