Thursday, August 29, 2013

Curricula Series 2013-2104: History and Citizenship

World History
Focus: Ancient History (Creation to the Resurrection)
I hope to use our World History curricula 3 times per week. We will SLOWLY work our way through these books. These curricula choices may take us several years to complete. I would like to create a timeline, but I haven't decided on which timeline figures to use or how I will set it up yet. I will add that information later once a decision is made.

Mystery of the History (Volume 1)

MOH Super Supplemental Collection (Volume 1)
  • Folder Books
  • Coloring Pages
  • Challenge Cards
  • Notebooking Pages
Supplemental Resources
The Story of the Ancient World by Helene A. Guerber

The Story of the World (Volume 1) by Susan Wise Bauer
  • Audio
  • Activity Book
You can find my Story of the World Compilation List of Resources Here.

American History
The plan is to cover American History twice a week. I hope to gently expose my daughter to American History this year. We will not rush through the books. I am sure that I will be adding resources to this list as we progress through the core books.

Core Curricula
TruthQuest American History for Young Students 1
*We will use several of the listed Spine Resources.

Beautiful Feet Early American History (old version)

Core Companions Resources
A Journey Through Learning Binder-Builder Lapbook
A Journey Through Learning Maps, Timeline, and Report Package

Supplemental Resources
Heroines of the Past Colonial by Amy Puetz
What Really Happened in Colonial Times by Knowledge Quest
Draw Write Now: Books 2, 3, and 5
Cooking Up Some American History
Liberty Kids DVD: The Complete Series

American History Lapbooks
A Journey Through Learning: Pioneer Days
A Journey Through Learning: American Revolution Express
A Journey Through Learning: An Overview of the 17th Century

* I have several other supplemental items that I may blog about later this year and use in conjunction with our core curricula if we have time. This will be a work in progress.

World and American History Supplemental Helps
Reading Through the Ages: Reading Selections 4000 B.C - Present by Trisms

Heritage History Young Readers CD

Yesterday's Classics E-Book Collection
My Audio School
Notebooking Pages

I feel that our history read aloud books and the following curricula will thoroughly address this subject for several years. She turns six-years-old this year so we have plenty of time.

Intellego Unit Studies
*Intellego Unit Studies can be purchased through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. You can read about the Co-op here. It's an older post, but contains the links and information about the Co-op. Joining the Co-op is FREE. I receive SmartPoints when you join or make a purchase through my link which helps pay for Alyssa's curricula and resources. Thank you for your support! 

Knowledge Box Central Mini Lapbook
U.S. Symbols

Supplemental Resources
I Love America (Volume 1 - older version)
I Love America (Volume 2 - older version)

For Which It Stands DVD and Guide

Pledge of Allegiance Printables created by Valerie at the Crafty Classroom

Well folks . . . you just read about my history and citizenship curricula choices for Alyssa. I blogged about my Math Curricula Choices yesterday. Click on the link if you'd like to see what we are using. I am a very eclectic homeschooler. I try my best to use multiple resources at once. We will have a flexible schedule when working our way through these books and resources. I have a feeling we have enough material for at least two years. I also believe in slowing the pace down if a child wants to extend a topic of interest further. One of my goals this year is to make history more literature-based and include many hands-on activities. I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

What curricula did you choose for World and American History? How are you addressing citizenship?  

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