Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random Five on Friday (June 14th) We're Moving!

Places We Went and People We Saw . . . 
1.) We went to the library's opening day event for the summer reading program. They had a variety of activities for the children including a jumpy house, balloon creatures, popcorn, blue light specials, and most importantly registration for the reading program. Alyssa looked at each bike and hopes she'll win Bike #5. Twelve children will win a bike. Alyssa started early. She sat down to read a chapter book to Bailey (dog visitor) on opening day for 45 minutes instead of "playing" outside. The two have a bonding relationship. The owner said that the dog "remembers" my daughter. Alyssa sat next to her petting her paw as she read a chapter book aloud. She really wanted to read Poppy and Rye written by Avi after our author research during a current literature unit.

This was the first time Jeff was able to join us. We walked a nature trail, pet goats, made a newspaper hat, designed a mask, and more. The two hours flew by! We spent a lot of time indoors because it was so hot outside. Alyssa cheeks turn bright red in the heat.
Alyssa pet the goats with her friends for a few minutes. 
Last weekend, I told you we were headed to Magik Theater to see Strawberry Freckleface, but I didn't get to share any pictures because my post went live before we left. Here are a few photographs before the show and from the autograph line. I love their stage scenery!
Goofy Faces
Ballerina Friend
Alyssa posing with Strawberry Freckleface and her best friend Summer

In Our Homeschool This Week . . . 
2.) We are still working through our Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. We fell behind a little with science assignments. We are in the middle of packing, but we are quickly catching up on activities. The review will post at the end of the month so be sure to visit me again real soon.

We added in cursive handwriting this week. Alyssa has been begging me to teach her how to write in cursive so it was an absolute blessing to make the review list for a newly released cursive program developed by Classical Conversations called PreScripts Cursive Words and Drawing: Scripture.

Three of Alyssa's caterpillar friends came out of the chrysalis on Friday. We hope to release them today.

What I'm Cooking and Baking . . . 
3.) I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast this week. My husband was on vacation so he made us breakfast tacos twice this week. He also cooked some pork ribs in the oven since he couldn't stand over the grill while we moved and packed.

In Our Life this Week . . . 
4.) We hooked up the Internet in the classroom at the new house on Monday. Hopefully, it'll work once the computer arrives. Jeff purchased a water softener for the house after receiving the results from tests. He also wet sealed the fireplace rock.

We started actually moving items inside the house before we closed, because we were running out of shed space. The classroom is full of my "school" stuff - I realized why the hubby wanted it out of the house. I have a lot of stuff. I find it hard to get rid of teaching materials that can be used with my daughter in a few years. I saved everything from my public school teaching days and added it to my homeschool supplies.

Family Reward . . .
5.) Jeff found a great deal at Sears for an air hockey table. We ALL LOVE air hockey so of course I agreed when he asked if he could have it for Father's Day. It was an early gift. The deal was irresistible! It's a 7 foot table that is air-powered and keeps score. It even includes a ping pong table top. We always wanted one exactly like this but they are so expensive. I am not sure how he got it for under 100 dollars. He already assembled it and placed it behind our sofa in the family game room for now. We played a few games last weekend as we moved a few items.

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  1. I love air hockey -- that looks like a fun table.