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Reading Aloud Challenge: Exploring Science Topics and More

We are hitting the books hard this summer! We signed up for several summer reading challenges and Alyssa will sign-up and participate in the Summer Library Program beginning this Saturday. I am currently reading aloud several books to my five-year-old daughter. She is also reading an enormous amount of books independently to meet her goals.

Read Alouds 
Today's read aloud list consists of several new and special treasures.

Magic School Bus Space Explorers - This series is enjoyed tremendously by Alyssa! We even own the DVD collection which was purchased during an online Christmas sale through Amazon. Luckily, when I taught in the public school my book collection grew so she has enough of the books from this series to keep her busy for awhile. She reads this book independently and then we reread the same chapter together. We read this book in the evenings at bedtime. She likes to discuss her favorite parts of the story with me. This book will obviously complement an astronomy or space unit.

Elsie Dinsmore: A Life of Faith Elsie's New Life (Book 3)
     After we finish reading this book, I will check the library for the first book and attempt to read this series in order. This is another series that I hope my daughter will read and enjoy this year. Aunt Jeanette loaned us this book in order to provide more challenging books to be read independently and together. It was the only book she had from the series. I love the fact that it is christian-based. It even mentions a few classic book titles within the story itself. Children may recognize the titles and make connections or it may spark an interest in them to read the actual books mentioned. This would be a great story to read around Christmas. Obedience and forgiveness was also discussed in the second chapter. I love how the father addressed the issue with his long lost daughter. Each chapter begins with a Bible verse. We fit chapters in here and there while traveling in the car or at bedtime.

Rosie and Scamper published by Sonrise Stable
     This e-book was obtained as a freebie through Educents this week. You can read my post about it here. The freebie ends soon!!! We just started it and will read a chapter each morning preferable after breakfast. She tried to catch me off guard and begs to hear the story before breakfast. We are enjoying the story. It is a great book to use during a horse unit study. I think we'll explore this science topic next year since Alyssa seems to be interested in it more than I thought.

Poppy by Avi
We are reading this book as part of our science and literature unit study from Moving Beyond the Page. The story is fascinating! It is a great book to read during a life cycle or owl unit study. I'll share more on that towards the end of the month when I post my review. Please visit my blog at that time. We read this book usually in the afternoon or late mornings.

What are your favorite chapter books to read aloud? 

Science Book Supplements (See curriculum above)
She reads these books for entertainment during her free time. I also read a few of them as read alouds.
Life Cycle Series (Green Snake, Jumping Spider, Sunflower, Fighting Fish, Butterfly, and Ladybug)

Audio Books via My Audio School
We are also listening to The Burgess Bird Book which is available to hear for free on several websites. I posted about the website called Books Should Be Free - the book title link above will take you directly to this particular audio book. Be sure to listen to other audio books during your visit. This is a website you'll want to bookmark.

We also listened to A Child's Garden of Verses by R.L Stevenson.

Independent Reading - Picture Books
There's no way I could possibly list all the books that Alyssa read this week. Let me tell you a few topics off the top of my head that I noticed her reading. She was reading books as I packed them in boxes for our move.

  • Native Americans
  • Colonial Times
  • Solar System
  • Horses
  • Fairytales
  • Encyclopedias (Seriously . . . she'll read a variety of topics during her free time.)
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