Saturday, June 1, 2013

Random Five on Friday (May 31st)

I Am Thankful That . . . 
1.) Alyssa lost her second tooth this week. There was a new tooth already growing behind it so I was very happy and thankful that it came out quickly. I was hoping that it wouldn't cause a lot of pain and it didn't. I was washing Alyssa's face after brushing her teeth and it literally popped out at me. We both looked at each other oddly and then searched the floor for the missing tooth. We found it! It was sooo tiny and adorable. It looks like she has another tooth that may fall out this week or next week?

In My Life This Week . . . 
2.) We found out that the bank wants the classroom finished before we can close and move in. It isn't part of the house so we figured we could work on it slowly. We were wrong. The man in charge of our loan was able to get a two-week extension so we may not have to pay extra money for closing later than scheduled - thanks to the issue with the countertops. Jeffry worked late the last two nights trying to complete house projects that weren't on the immediate to-do list. He painted the classroom walls and stained the floors. I texted my father-n-law asking for help hoping to ease Jeff's stress and worry about the timeline. He was kind enough to give him a hand even though he is extremely busy with his own work load. I am most grateful for his help.
Jeff painted the walls and stained the floor.
Things are coming together very quickly as our excitement begins to grow.
The classroom mini-kitchen is in place.
We used the leftover countertops from the laundry room.
The cabinets were made incorrectly for the kitchen in the house.
We kept them and used them in the classroom. 
Classroom Bathroom
Shower across from water heater for after workouts (PE).
We bought the paint on sale months ago.
3.) Jeff is for sure calling to cancel our trip this year. Unfortunately, we won't be able to go to Garner State Park for our camping vacation. We had to schedule the trip a year in advance. We will hopefully be moving and setting up the new house. Our family will participate in summer staycations once we are settled. Come back on Tuesday, June 4th for the Summer Staycationing Blog Cruise to read my ideas. The blog cruise won't go live until Tuesday.

4.) I have been dealing with another killer migraine this week. I tried a new natural product called White Willow and Feverfew. It didn't work and tasted HORRIBLE!!! I had to chug water immediately after trying it, because I thought I was going to get sick. I will keep looking for something to help ease the pain. Do you have any natural remedies or suggestions for migraines other than go see the doctor? I would love to hear your suggestions. I may even try a few. My wonderful five-year-old daughter, Alyssa, has been a wonderful helper around the house and is very empathetic. She helped fold and put away the laundry the other day without being asked. I dumped the basket full on the couch. A few minutes later, she had folded everything and put it away. I usually only ask her to fold and put her clothes away. She also came over and rubbed my head and said a little prayer for me hoping to stop the pain. Thank you God for giving me this amazing little girl.

In Our Homeschool . . . 
5.) We are super excited about our new review product! Moving Beyond the Page arrived in the mail and we started using it immediately. We are working our way through the Poppy literature unit and the Life Cycles science unit. I will be posting my review at the end of the month, so please visit my blog again so that you can hear all about our experience. Check out the goodies we received! I access the language arts unit online so the hard copy book was not included in this package.

I posted my review for Simplified Dinners. It isn't a homeschool product or curriculum, but since I received it as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I wanted to include it in this section. Our favorite two recipes were the homemade biscuits and sausage penne pasta. Go check it out! We are still using it and plan to continue using menu planning with this resource for as long as we can. It has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders about dinner so now I can focus more on my family and homeschool projects.

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  1. Hello Tracey :)
    Sounds like a productive week for you, in spite of the migraines and the house projects and the upcoming move. Keep taking things one day at a time, one moment at a time and you'll get there!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments. I enjoyed them!

  2. I can't wait to see the finished classroom. The countertop is great.

  3. Sounds like your project requires a lot of work, but it appears it is coming together quite nicely. Summer Staycation! LOL! That's us this year, too. Hopefully, it will be enjoyable for you. I look forward to reading about yours.
    Cindy Douglass