Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Five on Friday (June 21st): OVERWHELMED!

In Our Homeschool This Week . . . 
1.) We are basically only working through review products at this time. There is no time for anything else. Alyssa is learning a ton this summer! She's working on her final project for her life cycle unit. I will be posting my review about Moving Beyond the Page this week. So visit me soon if you are interested in hearing about our experiences. This curriculum has given her the structure she needs during this chaotic time.

In Our Life This Week . . . 
2.) On Monday night we ate at a well known pizza place. The next morning we woke up sick. All three of us had food poisoning for two days with residual symptoms on the third day. It was not fun moving while stopping to hug toilets.

I was moving boxes to the classroom and twisted my ankle in the pallet step to the door. I am short so my hubby was trying to help by giving me something to step up on before entering the room. My flip flop got stuck and I almost dropped everything. I twisted this way and that way in hopes not to fall. I finally pulled my foot out. My entire left leg hurt the next day . . .  knee, ankle, and hip area. UGH! Hoping the pain will go away soon. My sweet husband placed a piece of plywood on top of the pallet before he left for work. Thank you Jeff!

We are FINALLY completely moved out of the apartment. It has been cleaned thoroughly. I am 100% completely overwhelmed with unpacking!!!! We had to move everything out quicker than expected, because new renters were moving in soon. We started out really organized and then items were packed in a disorganized manner without sealing or labeling the boxes. I pray that I can make sense of the classroom and house soon. Wanna see why I am so overwhelmed? I am embarrassed to even share the photos, but oh well . . . here goes. Every single room and classroom area looks the same. We are too tired to unpack quickly.
Kitchen Area
Part of the Classroom
I know . . . what a mess!
I need time to go through everything and purge unwanted items.
We are planning a garage sale in the fall. 
Reading or Library Area
So much to do . . . no time to do it.
Places We Went and People We Saw . . . 
3.) This week we actually saw the grandparents more than we did the entire nine months we lived in the apartment.  Jeff asked his mom to make dinner twice for us this week as we diligently packed. The other night she surprised us and invited us down for leftovers which was great because we didn't have to cook late at night or eat out again. We haven't been doing much this week besides moving, packing, and being sick.

What We're Cooking . . . 
4.) My husband decided to grill hotdogs and hamburgers for Father's Day. I made baked beans, homemade macaroni and cheese, a garden salad, and a toasted coconut chocolate pecan pie. We cooked a full meal in the apartment in the middle of packing. We brought it down to his family - they were visiting out of town. Alyssa finally played with her cousins.

5.) I Am Grateful For . . .  
  • The abundant blessings God has provided our family this year. 
  • My husband fixing the stinky egg odor that took over the new house when using the hot water. Luckily, it was a quick fix costing only $60 for each anode. We have extremely hard water and the sulfur smell was horrible. He replaced the magnesium anode on one side of the house with a nickel anode to eliminate the sulfur smell. It disappeared so he'll work on the other water heater tomorrow.  
  • Our time together as a family
  • Our home and classroom
  • Curriculum review opportunities
I am looking forward to having a break hopefully this weekend. We are in dire need of a family outing. Poor Alyssa has spent too many hours sitting alone in her room as we packed and moved. Jeff wants to take her fishing or swimming tomorrow while I work. They asked him the other night to work a much needed RAT (meaning he works an unexpected, extra paid shift). This will help pay off bills and a few house expenses.   

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  1. Moving is so much work. So much work. Don't be hard on yourself about not being organized or unpacking yet. Moving is hard enough without being sick on top of must be exhausted! I hope you are able to slowly start to settle in.

  2. We were supposed to stick with school through the Summer but Summer kind of took over!