Thursday, June 6, 2013

Save Big: Times Tales DVD

Are you wanting to teach your child their multiplication facts this summer? Alyssa will be starting her new math curriculum soon which focuses on mastering multiplication with multiple digits. She already memorized the lower times table facts and is quickly learning the higher times table facts through games, iPad apps, and hands-on activities. I wanted to find a unique and engaging way to help her learn the facts faster. I am definitely willing to give Times Tales a try!

I can't tell you how many times I thought about purchasing Times Tales from Trigger Memory System for my five-year-old daughter. The other day we visited the website together. I found a sample video. I could tell immediately that Alyssa's attention was captured. She listened and responded accurately to the questions asked after viewing the video stories. She was overjoyed when she gave the right answer to the facts. Check out the video yourself! Make sure your kiddos are nearby to give it a try.

Now, here's the big news! I recently received a newsletter e-mail from Dena at Trigger Memory Systems. I have to let you all know about a discount currently being offered. The company is offering a 40% discount for a LIMITED time on Times Tales using the code SAVEBIG. The offer ends June 7th at midnight.

I knew that I wanted to get this product as a supplement for next year, but I decided to jump the gun and take advantage of the offer now. We'll order her math curriculum after the move. In the meantime, she can utilize this resource along with an online math curriculum until her new curriculum arrives. I am sure she'll have a few more multiplication facts memorized in preparation for the upcoming, more challenging course. I can't wait to surprise Alyssa with her new DVD. I just ordered a few hours ago and already received notice that it was shipping from Oregon.

P.S. The discount only applies to Times Tales or their new Zone Cleaning.

Thank you for visiting A Learning Journey! I hope this helps save you a little money as you prepare for the new year.

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Disclosure: I am not an affiliate for this company and this not a review. I just wanted to share a great deal with my readers.

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